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Freewrite #7 - your time you make the best use of it by...

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Mik Gadomski English 101 June 18, 2006 Freewrite #7: Efficiency vs. Inefficiency Efficiency is a very important aspect of life. We all must be efficient at some point in our lives. Unless you get parents with enough money that you don't need to work, but still once your parents are gone you will most likely to manage the money. You would be better off managing the money if you would have had some experienced with efficiency before your parents pass away. Efficiency is important because of many reasons. Efficiency allows one to make better use of an item; time, money, ext, then to use the item in a way that wastes or causes more problems. Efficiency allows one to make use of their time or money in a way that makes the best use. To be efficient with
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Unformatted text preview: your time you make the best use of it by doing the most things you have to do it in the least amount of time. To be efficient with your money you and get the most product you can for the least amount of your money. Efficiency is based on a basic principle of economics. That basic principle of economics being the principle of opportunity costs. This principle allows one to be able to get the most possible benefits for the least possible costs. If one can utilize the principal of opportunity costs one can become efficient in all aspects of life. Once one becomes efficient life becomes easier for two reasons. Efficiency leads to reduction in problems, and an increase in benefits....
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