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Freewrite#4 - selfishness and not for himself or any self...

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Mik Gadomski English 101 May 28, 2006 Free-write #4: commitment to family compared to a commitment to self. All persons of a family household should participate in the well-being and physical structure of a family household. A family needs all members of it to participate for things to work out positively. In my family if there is lack of participation visit to usually leads to a misunderstanding and miscommunication. In the case of the story Metamorphosis , once Gregor’s father loses his job at the factory the family had made Gregor get a job to work to make up for his father's lost job. Gregor did this or five years as a traveling salesman thinking that his family was desperate for cash and he was needed to help support the family. Gregor did it this out of un-
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Unformatted text preview: selfishness and not for himself or any self interest. He thought of his family before he thought of himself, while his family did the opposite. In all actuality his family wasn't pretty good financial shape than was in no stress for cash. The story is a sad one; Gregor does all he can to help the family until he is changed into a bug, and at which his family cares nothing of him after the fact that he is transformed in to a bug. It’s funny how drastic things can change when you become and disabled or unable to work or participate in family activities. The sad part was that the family ties were not strong enough to keep the family together wants something drastic happens to the heart of the family....
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