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Mik Gadomski English 101 June 18 th , 2006 Freewrite #8: Lies and Lack of Restraint Lies and a lack of restraint go hand in hand. For the most part lies are a product of lack of restraint. A person who lies usually does so because they do not know better. This person was either grown up with little or no guidelines, or was it grown up with a poor childhood. A person who would lie compulsively most likely was raised with little or no guidelines. The lack of guidelines would lead someone to believe that lying is not wrong and they don't understand the crime in lying. A person who grew up with a poor childhood may lie for many reasons. They might use a lie to feel better about themselves. They might lie to get out of trouble for something wrong that they have done. No matter
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Unformatted text preview: the reason for lying, of the action of lying is wrong and untruthful. I feel that a lie is a way for someone to get away from the harsh realities of life. A lie could it be used in a way as harmless as to make someone feel better about themselves. If someone were to ask me the clothing that they were wearing looked poor or out of place, I may lie and say that it did not in actuality it did. This is one of the only harmless uses of lying. you do not want to make the person feel bad, which is very likely considering the fact that they already feel insecure about themselves having asked you how they looked. I feel that the lie of telling the person that that they do not look badly out weighs the fact of telling someone they look bad. and you...
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