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Mik Gadomski Courageous Orange My True Colors color spectrum is Orange; Orange is a very bright and outgoing color. As an orange color I am identified as being spontaneous, persuasive, hands-on, motivational, creative, competitive, a natural leader, trouble shooter and performer. These character traits will help me in many career paths and they help me complete career goals every day. Being motivational and persuasive helps me get other coworkers and possible customers ether interested in a product or more in tune to work (better to work with). These would benefit my career path and goals by selling more products or making my day at work go by smoother. Being a competitive, trouble shooter and performer helps my career path by being motivated to always be at the top, number one, and when problems arise we are quickly able to identify them and deal with them easily. I am competitive and it helps my motivation to work harder then the next guy and to outperform him in all areas. Being a trouble shooter and performer
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