Swot - • Multi-season capabilities Threats • Can lose resort benefits ties • Can lose retailer benefits ties • Possible competitors can

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Mik Gadomski 10-28-07 Check Point #2 S.W.O.T. Strengths: No product similar on the market. A large number of potential consumers. More than 11 resort benefits/ ties More than 11 benefits/ ties Business located within lake Tahoe Good Consumer ties(web site relations) Cost friendly Weaknesses: Only good for one year Benefits are limited Opportunities: Ability to gain in size/ reach larger markets
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Unformatted text preview: • Multi-season capabilities Threats: • Can lose resort benefits/ ties • Can lose retailer benefits/ ties • Possible competitors can enter market • Consumers may lose interest Positioning Statement: SnowBomb is the only company to offer great benefits/discounts to the motivated, extreme athlete that loves to visit the beautiful Lake Tahoe....
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