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Works Cited 1. Can Diet Affect the Immune System: Nutrition Health Review. 1990. <>. 2. Hamilton, Patsy. Herbal Medicine May Improve Lowered Immune System Function. 2007. < Medicine-May-Improve-Lowered-Immune-System-Function.html>. 3. Werbach, Melvyn R. How diet influences immune function - Nutritional Influences of Illness - Brief Article. March 2002. <>.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Heather HF, Lisa AB, Alan EM. Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition. Jones and Bartlett Publishes. Sudbury, Massachusetts. 5. Michael Gleeson, David C. Nieman, Bente K. Pedersen. Exercise, nutrition, and immune function. Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 22, Issue 1 January 2004 , pages 115 – 125. <> 6. Jose Antonio, Jeffery R Stout. Sports supplements. Copyright 2001. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins....
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