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Machining-quiz questions

Machining-quiz questions - A while calculating the cutting...

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IE 370- Quiz - Machining There are three questions on the exam. The first two carry 40 points each while the third carries 60 points. You are expected to answer one question from the first two questions, and, the third question. However, if you choose to answer all the questions, you stand to gain extra credit. You are allowed to use your class notes. Calculators can be used to perform numerical calculations. No consultation with peers or others on the exam will be entertained. I expect all of you to follow the honor code. Good luck! 1. A cylindrical shaft 24 inches long and 1.855 inches in diameter is to be finished using a turning operation. The spindle speed is 400 rpm, the feed rate is 0.003 ipr and the depth of cut is 0.0025 inches. Estimate the cutting speed (express it in surface feet per minute), Material removal rate (MRR) and cutting time for this operation. You may neglect the allowance length L
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Unformatted text preview: A while calculating the cutting time. Hint: 1 foot = 12 inches. 2. A lathe turning process is carried out on an Al alloy workpiece with cutting speed V = 400 surface feet per minute, depth of cut d = 0.11 inches and feed rate f r = 0.009 ipr. The unit power expected for machining the Al alloy is 0.35 hp/(inch 3 /min). Estimate the cutting force F c , necessary to perform this operation. Assume that the correction factor CF and the efficiency E both equal 1. 3. A lathe turning operation is performed on a material with shear strength 50,000 lb/inch 2 . The operation is described by the following parameter values: cutting speed = 4800 inches/min, depth of cut d = 0.15 inches, feed rate f r = 0.02 ipr, tool rake angle α = -5˚, tool-chip coefficient of friction μ = 0.58. What is the cutting force expected for this operation? Assume that the turning operation is an orthogonal machining process....
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