Patch - Patch Healthy Life with Indoor Air Quality Health...

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Unformatted text preview: Patch Healthy Life with Indoor Air Quality Health care with high quality technology SCG HEIM, an innovative house, is integrated technology from building to dwelling that make you comfortable and get better quality of living. Air Factory System (Indoor Air Ventilation System) The Air Factory System filters and circulates clean air throughout the house. Prior to entering the house, air must pass through 3 layers of filters. This advanced system filters out more than 90% of small particles and dust size microns (1-10), 80% of particles and dust size microns (0.3) and bad odors – enabling you to breathe new, fresh air without having to open the windows. Quality Material SCG HEIM cares about long-term quality of living and carefully chooses only high- quality materials with low VOC presence, e.g. built-in and wooden doors which meet E1 standards, making it both good for residents’ health and environmentally friendly. *Remark Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are organic chemicals that vaporize at room temperature and can potentially cause a number of side effects, including headaches, dizziness, anxiousness and impaired breathing. Common sources of VOCs inside the house include: Structure Confidence with Strength-Related Performance Enjoy quality peace of mind knowing that every structure is built with high-quality, strong and durable materials using an innovative Modular Structure System from Japan. Every joint is welded onsite in the factory using a special technique to ensure its safety and integrity. Strong SS400 Steel Structure SCG HEIM uses durable SS400 structural steel as the foundation structure for houses because it is more flexible and stronger than typical house structures. SCG HEIM chooses SS400 steel by following the highly-regarded JIS standard of Japan, with a tensile strength of 4,000 kg/sq.m. Steel of this calibre is typically used in mega constructions projections and its usage is testament to SCG HEIM’s commitment to building safe and reliable houses. SCG HEIM’s steel columns have the tensile strength and capacity to withstand 69 tons* whereas typical structures comprised of concrete and steel can only bare 26 tons. Furthermore, some areas of SCG HEIM structures may consist of 4 column units, further adding to the strength and safety of the structure. Remark: at 4.5 mm thickness and 100x100 mm cross-sectional areas. Stronger with Joint Piece The most important point of any structure is the joint strength between columns and beams. Weak joints compromise the integrity and safety of the structure. SCG HEIM connects and secures joint pieces using Arc Welding and High Tensile Bolt technologies. The resulting strength of the joint pieces using these techniques has been tested by dropping the structure from the 2nd floor of a building, resulting in no structural damage....
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Patch - Patch Healthy Life with Indoor Air Quality Health...

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