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Presentation Criteria - -All groups are expected to be in...

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Presentation Criteria Group presentation (5%) - 1 copy of the Part 4 must be printed out and submitted to the lecturer before presenting. - Every member must present. - Evaluation/presentation marks will be made on an individual basis. - Groups with member(s) who cannot present on the assigned day must inform the lecturer at least 2 weeks before the week of presentation. Otherwise, the student will not be allowed to present and no make-up presentation will be given. Time limitation - Maximum of 30 minutes per group (present 25 min. + Q&A 5 min.). - 2 marks will be deducted from the entire group if presentation is not finished within given time. Punctuality
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Unformatted text preview: -All groups are expected to be in class on time. -The sequence of presentation will be assigned on the presentation day through a draw. -Powerpoint presentation of each group must be saved on the desktop before the first group presents. -1 mark per minute will be deducted from each member if the group is not prepared to present on the specified time or if the group needs time to open the file from the thumbdrive/cd. Evaluation form -Must be typed and printed for each member. -2 points will be deducted if any information is handwritten. -Student will not be allowed to present if no evaluation form. No make-up presentation will be given....
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