ACC 557 Week 1 Discussion 2

ACC 557 Week 1 Discussion 2 - business. Both investors and...

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Week 1 Discussion 2 Compare and contrast the uses of financial accounting information by 1) investors and 2) creditors. In your opinion, does one group rely more heavily on the information than the other? Well for starts, investors are the main factor most companies are in business. Investors are the ones that put their money into selling or buying the company(s) stock that they invested into. As for the creditors, they are considered the banker and the suppliers for the businesses that determine what can be loaned to them on credit to help grow their
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Unformatted text preview: business. Both investors and Creditors use accounting to base their decision on how much and for how long they will lend that sad company money. I believe that the both of them do not rely on one another because Investors would like to know then or ahead of time will the business make money, whereas, Creditors would like to know if they were to lend any money to a company, will they be able to pay the debt back to the bank on time....
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