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ACC 557 Week 2 Discussion 1

ACC 557 Week 2 Discussion 1 - or unfavorable side of...

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Week 2 discussion 1 Maria Alvarez, a beginning accounting student, believes debit balances are favorable and credit balances are unfavorable. Upon what does Maria make this assumption? If you choose one over the other, what is your rationale? I believe Maria thought that debits would be on the left side, which it looked ok because the credits where on the side where the assets were. But Maria also thought that debits would also hold up good under the liability side as well. Either one are on the favorable
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Unformatted text preview: or unfavorable side of accounting, it just depends where things are placed and what the explanation about the recording. A debits means entering its amount on the left side means debit and entering the amounts on the right side is crediting the account. In the end, the credit side amounts are greater than the debit side in the account....
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