CHM 2210 Quiz 7 - N ame: K"*, t CHM 2210- Fall 20ll Quiz #7...

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Name: CHM 2210 - Fall 20ll Quiz #7 Score: I' Show the complete mechanism (all steps) for the free radical chlorination of methane. l^;A*'hA Q, fue^' - a + + + u. Ols UluU A c--\ .. .P, nLnuJr',k rs o(^^n q^J *l,ns orl,,;J, t Qtt^J. ,( 8. . T*n,n*h^'. 2a- -> A14 --'a u, c/-Gc( K"*, t u, C,( . Hd + Usqlt 2. a) What is the product of the following reaction?
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