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SYLLABUS - COP 3538_12490 DATA STRUCTURES WITH OOP Spring 2012 Instructor : Dr. Bob Roggio, Office Hours : 1-2pm; 4:30- 6:pm Mondays and Wednesdays. Other times by appointment Office : Building 15 Room 3220 Office phone : 620-2985 – far better to reach me via email. Class Time : Monday and Wednesday 2 – 3:40pm Class Location : 15/1205 Prerequisites : COP 2551, Intro to Object-Oriented Programming with Java Textbook title : LaFore, Robert, Data Structures and Algorithms in Java , 2 nd Edition, SAMS Publishing, 2003, ISBN:0-672-32543-9 We will use Netbeans 7.0 or latest version co-bundled with the latest version of Java. See my web page for the procedure. Important Dates: See for the catalog, course schedules, final exam schedule, add / drop days, last day to drop with partial / no refund, and more. You are responsible for accessing this link and acquainting yourself with these items. Exam Schedule in general is: ( ) Exams must be held during your exam period, which may not be your normal class time. Before you withdraw from this (or any) class, be sure to read the following policy: Course Objectives To become skilled at program structuring and development using highly cohesive, loosely coupled, modules. To learn alternate approaches to data structures and evaluate their efficiency 1
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To introduce Abstract Data Types (ADTs) and really learn about OO Design and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) General Course Content: The reading assignments will be as far as we can go: Chapters 1 – 12 in the Data Structures & Algorithms in Java text.
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COP3538Syllabus - SYLLABUS - COP 3538_12490 DATA STRUCTURES...

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