1introSBM9-outl - Biology 3: Intro (Solomon/Berg/Martin;...

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© copyright 2011 Marta D. de Jesus I. Introduction to this class A. What: Biology for majors 1. Roll MyVCCCD/WebStar 2. Syllabus requirements 1) prereqs 2) recommended 3) other Biology-related classes texts optional academic dishonesty/misconduct 3. A few additional comments on the above transfer www.assist.org 1. Take notes in class 2. learn how to learn better a. learning preferences b. use more than 1 part of your brain c. may take a lot of work d. SQ3RP method 1) survey 2) question 3) read the chapter 4) recite or paraphrase 5) review 6) practice D. Using the Book 1. note: virtually no text is flawless!!! 2. this textbook tries to help you a. see “To the Student” before Ch 1 b. in the chapters 1) Key Concepts 2) Learning Objectives 3) Review 4) Terms c. at the end of the chapter 1) Summary of Learning Objectives 2) Test Your Understanding quiz 3) Critical Thinking questions 3. at the back of the book:
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1introSBM9-outl - Biology 3: Intro (Solomon/Berg/Martin;...

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