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34-leafoutl - 1 mechanism 2 triggers for opening 3 reverse...

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Biology 3 Lecture: Leaf Structure (Ch 34) © 2011 copyright Marta D. de Jesus I. Leaf shape & arrangements A. general B. shape C. arrangements on stem D. venation patterns II. Leaf internal structure III. Variations on basic structure A. surface changes 1. area 2. stomates 3. trichomes B. internal 1. monocots vs. dicots 2. amount of water IV. Physiological adaptations A. opening & closing stomata
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Unformatted text preview: 1. mechanism 2. triggers for opening 3. reverse happens 4. regulation a. hormones b. circadian rhythm 5. control B. guttation C. abscission 1. depends on 2. abscission zone 3. leaf scar V. Modified leaves A. spines B. tendrils C. bud scales D. bracts E. bulbs F. succulent G. carnivorous H. asexual reproduction...
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