36-rootsoutl - A. prop roots & buttress roots B....

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© 2011 copyright Marta D. de Jesus I. Intro A. main functions - review B. types: 1. tap 2. fibrous adventitious C. unique structures 1. root cap 2. root hairs II. Internal structure A. eudicots: from the outside -> in 1. epidermis 2. cortex endodermis Casparian strip 3. stele = vascular cylinder a. pericycle b. xylem c. phloem 4. some can become woody B. monocots are a little different 1. cortex 2. pith 4. pericycle 1. root hairs 2. 2 routes: a. apoplast b. symplast 3. when gets to endodermis
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4. then enters stele III. Root modifications
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Unformatted text preview: A. prop roots & buttress roots B. pneumatophores C. aerial roots D. haustoria E. contractile F. storage F. associations 1. graft 2. mycorrhizae 3. nodules IV. Soil A. soil horizons litter 1. topsoil a. organic material 1) living organisms 2) humus 3) provides b. broken-down rock 1) soil texture 2) soil types light soils heavy soils c. loam 2. subsoil 3. parent material B. making soil C. soil pH cation exchange E. necessary nutrients 1. macro (see T36-1 for which is which) 2. micro V. how human activities affect soil quality...
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36-rootsoutl - A. prop roots & buttress roots B....

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