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fieldwork_outline2a - Culture shock the feeling of...

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ANTH V02 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Fieldwork Ethnographic Field Techniques Photography & filming Participant observation Recording life histories/interviews Using references Ethnographic Method Intensive study of a culture (fieldwork and research) Generates theory Ethnography & Ethnographic Films Ethnocentrism: the tendency to view one’s own culture as best and to judge the behavior and beliefs of culturally different people by one’s own standards
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Unformatted text preview: Culture shock: the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety an individual experiences when placed in a strange cultural setting Stereotype: an oversimplified or fixed idea, image, or opinion (often unfavorable) about what members of a group are like My Fieldwork Semi-Native Status Insider/Outsider “Not just observing…”But also…Meeting key cultural consultants/informants and building RAPPORT! La Corsa Degli Asini The Donkey Race...
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