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ANTH V02 Cultural Anthropology Week 1: Intro to Anthropology Anthropology: The Study of Humans Anthropos /Logos: human/ study of The Four Field Approach: Anthropology is a holistic approach studies the totality of the human being Applied Anthropology: Jobs outside university setting Solving problems outside the university: Forensics Medicine CRM Business and Marketing: Conflict (Human Terrain Systems) Linguistics: Study of human language and speech Origins of language Specific languages Language is a uniquely human characteristic Archaeology: The study of past human cultures which existed in the past and are now extinct Archaeology looks at: Prehistory (before written records) Artifacts and material culture
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Unformatted text preview: Goals: construct culture history, reconstruct past lifeways, & study cultural process Physical Anthropology: looks at humans from a biological point of view Genetics: Molecular level (genes) Process of inheritance Population level (evolution) Primatology: The biology and behavior of non-human primates Clues to early human behavior Paleoanthropology: Study of human evolution looks at human fossil record fossil: remains of life forms of the past Bio-Cultural Diversity: How biology and culture contribute to human diversity Cultural Anthropology: What is Culture? everything that people have, think and do as members of society culture is shared and learned Cultural studies look at: cultural processes and institutions...
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intro_to_anthro_outline1 - Goals construct culture history...

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