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ANTH V02- Cultural Anthropology Marriage Western Notions of LOVE Courtly Love Romance Perpetuated today What is Marriage? domestic cohabitation communal recognition ceremonial inception extension in time What is Marriage? Culturally defined: Traditionally between a man & woman (West) Rights and responsibilities Families Many dimensions (plural spouses, same- sex, etc.) Traditional Functions of Marriage 1.Regulates sexual access. 2.Creates a family. 3.Expands social group Wedding Ceremonies Customs and traditions Vary cross-culturally Rite of Passage Rules of Marriage Incest Taboos Prohibitions of sexual relations between relatives Universal to most cultures but definition is not universal Reasons for Incest Taboo Forces people to marry outside the family Creates a larger social community Eliminates ambiguity of kin relations
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Exceptions: Royalty Purity of lineage Property undivided Mate Selection
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marriage_outline8 - ANTH V02- Cultural Anthropology...

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