religion_outline10 - Rites of Passage Ancestor Worship...

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ANTH V02-Cultural Anthropology Religion Belief and the Supernatural Religion is a Cultural Universal…why? Religion as Universal Thinking Doing The Supernatural: Beyond the forces of nature The “unexplained” by science Edward B. Tylor (1832-1917) Origins of Religion “a belief in spiritual beings” Animism Animatism Totems All religions have 2 components: A cosmology: statements or assumptions of nature & reality A mythology: sacred Narratives Addressing the Supernatural sacred ↔profane Rituals: –– magic –– sacrifice –– prayer –– meditation –– performance –– fasting & feasting festival Where is the “Sacred”? (examples in class presentation)
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Unformatted text preview: Rites of Passage Ancestor Worship Death, Burial and Ancestor Worship evidence of belief and ritual practice (examples from class presentation) Types of religious institutions (for this class) Shamanic (Shamans) formal (ecclesiastical) 1. Olympian (Monotheistic) 2. Monotheistic (Priests) What is a Shaman? Shamans Address the Human Needs to secure food heal disease cope with death comprehend the universe Studying Religion in Prehistory Evidence in Cave Art (Rock Art) Figurines Portable art Megaliths Mana and Taboo Mana: a powerful force! Daily rituals Observe taboos Amulets/Fetishes...
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religion_outline10 - Rites of Passage Ancestor Worship...

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