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ANTH V02- Cultural Anthropology Enculturation, Rites of Passage and Gender Learning One’s Culture Enculturation/Socialization Becoming an Adult Rituals Socialization Industrial societies: Socialization Non-industrial societies: Rite/Ritual Ritual is An organized, set form of behaviors: A Routine? Symbolism: can be for an individual or for the group Can be celebratory but not always Has associated meanings Can be associated with the supernatural Types of Rites/Ritual Festivals Calendar Dates (cycles) Non-Calendrical Rituals Individual: Rites of Passage Group: Rites of Intensification Rites of Passage Transition from one social role to another Follow the life cycle calendar (from Arnold van Gennep) Birth Initiation (puberty) Marriage Death Initiation Rituals: Mark the passage from childhood to adulthood Phases of Ritual (from Victor Turner): Separation Liminality Re-integration Rites of intensification Promote a sense of group: solidarity and/ or identity (communitas) May be sacred or secular
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rites_of_passage_gender_outline6 - ANTH V02- Cultural...

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