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ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING GRADUATION WITH DISTINCTION NOMINATION FORM The Graduation with Distinction Award is a Ventura College School of Nursing award for Associate Degree Nursing students. The Nursing faculty may award “Graduation with Distinction” to all nominees who are judged by the department to have met the established criteria. Please describe the candidate’s abilities and accomplishments in the following categories. Be as specific as possible as the faculty will be relying on your descriptions. If a student nominates a peer , supporting documentation must be included and the nomination form routed to a faculty member for endorsement. Nominee: ____________________________ Nominated By: ___________________________ Criteria: The student has demonstrated consistent professional behavior during enrollment
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Unformatted text preview: in the ADN program. Additionally, the student has contributed to the discipline of nursing by achieving recognition in at least two (2) of the following categories: 1. Maintained GPA or greater during the ADN Program course of study. 2. Consistent and significant contribution(s) to School of Nursing 3. Demonstration of clinical excellence. 4. Participation in campus or student activities (membership on committees, advisory boards, Student Nurses Assoc., Student Rep, peer tutor, etc). 5. Contribution(s) to community/employment (volunteer activities, membership in professional organizations, etc). Faculty Signature: __________________________Date: _____________ 1/99 Rev 3/03 jl...
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