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Unformatted text preview: Student       Date       NEUROLOGICAL ASSESSMENT AREA TESTED RESPONSE (PEER) (describe behavior) HOW TESTED Diagnosis:       RESPONSE (CLIENT) (describe behavior)                                     Affect                   Memory                   Calculation                   Judgment/Insight (Abstract thinking)                   Central function Level of Consciousness Mental Status Orientation 40 Cranial Nerves HOW TESTED RESPONSE (PEER) RESPONSE (CLIENT)                   Shape                   Equality                   Reaction to light                   Accommodation                   Consensual Light Reflex                   Convergence                   Conjugate movements                   Peripheral vision                   Reading ability                   Pupils Size 41 RESPONSE (PEER) (describe behavior) HOW TESTED RESPONSE (CLIENT) (describe behavior)                   Auditory Hearing                   Rhine test                   Weber test                   Face Motor facial                   Motor: trigeminal                   Sensory: trigeminal                   Nose Smell 42 RESPONSE (PEER) (describe behavior) HOW TESTED RESPONSE (CLIENT) (describe behavior) Mouth Sensory: facial                   Gag reflex (Sensory/Motor) Glosso-pharangeal                   Hypoglossal                   Neck and Shoulders Spinal Accessory (motor)                   Sensory                   Pain                   Temperature                   Upper and Lower Extremities 43 RESPONSE (PEER) (describe behavior) HOW TESTED RESPONSE (CLIENT) (describe behavior) Light touch                   Positioning                   Stereognosis                                     Muscle strength                   Muscle tone                   Muscle coordination                   Motor Upper and Lower Extremities: 44 RESPONSE (PEER) (describe behavior) HOW TESTED RESPONSE (CLIENT) (describe behavior) Reflexes:                   Biceps                   Triceps                   Brachioradial                   Achilles                   Gait                   Balance                   45 ...
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