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section18 - Examples Solve the following inequality(a x 2-6...

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MAT 111 - College Algebra Section 1.8 - Other Types of Inequalities 1. Polynomial Inequalities Algorithm to solving polynomial inequalities: (a) Make one side of the inequality equal to zero. (b) Determine the critical numbers (values that make the polynomial expression equal to zero) of the polynomial. (c) Place critical numbers on the real line together with their corresponding factors. This will divide the real number into intervals. (d) Determine the sign of each factor on each interval (make a sign chart). (e) Determine the sign of the polynomial expression on each interval. (f) Determine the value of the polynomial expression at each critical number.
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Unformatted text preview: Examples: Solve the following inequality (a) x 2-6 x-7 < 0. (b) 2 x 3 + 13 x 2-8 x-46 ≥ 6. 2. Rational Inequalities Critical numbers are values that make the rational expression equal to zero AND values that make it undefined. Examples: Solve the following inequality (a) x + 12 x + 2-3 ≥ 0. (b) 5 x-6 > 3 x + 2 Applications The revenue and cost equation for a product are R = x (50-. 0002 x ) C = 12 x + 150 , 000 where R and C are measured in dollars and x represents the number of units sold. How many units must be sold to obtain a profit of at least 1, 650, 000?...
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