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Unformatted text preview: The Crux of the Matter Grading and Reporting Linn and Gronlund Chapter 15 But first, from chapter 14... 339 arrangement suggestions 343 guessing comments 346 nono `s 348 correcting for guessing On a nameless, clean sheet of paper... Write for me a story of the worst grading travesty you have ever been a part of... Answer these questions... Should a grade represent one's achievement? Work habits? Improvement? How do you weight the assignments? Does one rate kids against other kids, against a standard, or against a kid's potential? How will you distribute grades? How can you relate all of this info clearly to a parent? Functions of Grades Instructional Uses Reporting to Parents Ok, let's improve student learning Good communication can provide you help from home... Care to graduate? Play ball? Employment? The court system? Administrative Types of Grading Traditional Letter Grades Disadvantages PassFail System They must combine many things # of A's and B's vary from teacher to teacher They don't show a student's strengths and weaknesses Checklists My own little story Merit badgeesque Script you gotta see page 372 Portfolios Conferences Multiple Reporting See page 374 Assigning Letter Grades (4 things) 1. What is included in this letter grade? Attendance Participation Other things? Did you ever make a B because... Or how about a C because... 2. Combining Data Careful when you weight assignments 3. Assigning the grade based on... Relative to other class members? Relative to a standard? Relative to ability or improvement? 4. And finally, distribution If you use relative grading Absolute What proportion of A's B's C's? Set this is stone prior to teaching... OK buddy, so where do you put the cut offs? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Plan ahead Start positive Get the parents to talk Plan with the parents End positive Work on your human relation skills Linn and Gronlund's Suggestions for Parent Teacher Conferences... Finally... 388391 (386ff) give suggestions on how to report standardized test scores to parents. KEEP THIS BOOK! ...
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