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1 C118 Laboratory Fuel Cell Worksheet Write Up 25 Points Name _________________ Lab Partner _____________ Lab AI _____________ 1. (1 point) State the aims of today’s experiments: 2. What is a fuel cell? (1 point): 3. What are the half reactions taking place in a fuel cell, what are their standard reduction potentials and therefore, what is the predicted voltage of the cell? (6 points) Anode: Cathode: Overall: 4. What is current ? What are the units of current ? (1Point) Give an analogy for current . (1point) What are the units for charge ? What charge does an electron have? (1Point) What charge does a mole of electrons have? (1Point)
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2 5. Which catalyst is being used for the reaction. What is the textbook definition of a catalyst and why do we need a catalyst in the fuel cell? (2 Points) 6. Should the catalyst lead to more current or more voltage – explain your reasoning? (2 points) 7. Do you think there is a change in the efficiency if we would use pure O
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Unformatted text preview: 2 instead of air as a reagent? If so, estimate the extent of the change. (2 Point) RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 8. Record the two concentrations of sodium borohydride used and their corresponding current and voltage values based on an average of three measurements. (Include the units beneath each heading on the table for full credit) (6 Points) Trial Number Concentration Voltage Current Averages for both concentrations of sodium borohydride: 3 9. How did your measured voltage compare to the predicted voltage based on the standard reduction potentials? If there was a difference, what do you think is the cause? (2 points) 10. What happens to the current and voltage if you open up the end of the bottom syringe and have someone blow air across the entrance to the chamber? How would you explain your result? (1 points) Extra Credit (1 Point) What do you think of the experiment and how do you think the experiment could be improved?...
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C118LaboratoryWorksheetFuelCell - 2 instead of air as a...

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