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C613lab1hints - ChemStation can be found on PC5 in the...

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GC-MS data for Friday 1/25 class has filenames starting with SOMM in the C613/Data directory. Files for 1/18 group start with NCC. Appearance energy data for 1/25 group is downloadable from C613 website and is named 0125joegrp.xls A 25:1 split ratio was used for the GC injections. Instructions for mapping the hard drive for the GC-MS computer are in an appendix in the lab handout along with basic instructions for ChemStation.
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Unformatted text preview: ChemStation can be found on PC5 in the library or in the Mass Spec Facility Direct any questions to Jon Karty Helpful hints on question 4 in lab handout. Use the voltage and the distance to compute an electric field strength. Use the electric field strength to figure out the force on the molecule. Use the kinematics equations on the helpful constants sheet to finish the problem....
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