Quiz 3 - Review Assessment: Quiz 3

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Review Assessment: Quiz 3 https://oak.vanderbilt.edu/webapps/assessment/review/review.jsp?attemp. .. 1 of 2 2/11/2007 5:56 PM 2006.01.SPR.ENG.MSE.150.02 MATERIALS SCIENCE I > TOOLS > MY GRADES > VIEW ATTEMPTS > REVIEW ASSESSMENT: QUIZ 3 Review Assessment: Quiz 3 Name Quiz 3 Status Completed Score 15 out of 20 points Time Elapsed 0 hours, 15 minutes, and 35 seconds out of 0 hours and 15 minutes allowed. Instructions Question 1 0 of 1 points How many unique directions including both positive and negative that are equivalent crystallographically, belong to the FCC family of close packed directions? Selected Answer: 8 Correct Answer: 12 Question 2 2 of 2 points What is the family of planes {hkl} with the highest planar density in FCC crystals? Selected Answer: {111} Correct Answer: {111} Question 3 3 of 3 points Using Cu K a x-rays (l = 0.1541 nm), diffraction from the (110) planes in BCC chromium is observed at 2q = 44.38 o . Calculate the lattice constant of chromium, a
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course MSE 150 taught by Professor Wittig during the Spring '07 term at Vanderbilt.

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Quiz 3 - Review Assessment: Quiz 3

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