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McCoy College of Business Administration TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-San Marcos Department of Finance and Economics BLAW 3367: Employment Law, Spring 2012 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Patricia Pattison TEL: 512-245-3246 office OFFICE: MCOY 560 512-392-2529 home OFF. HOURS: TTH 8:00 - 9:30am, 11:00 – 12:00 512-557-5919 cell And by appointment E-MAIL: [email protected] The trouble with other cultures is that people don't behave the way they're supposed to, that is, like us. The solution to this difficulty is to stop expecting them to. Craig Storti, The Art of Crossing Cultures (1990). COURSE DESCRIPTION : Study of legal developments in the workplace, with emphasis on attempts to maintain a proper balance between employees’ interest in earning a livelihood and employers’ interest in operating their business efficiently and profitably. COURSE MATERIALS: Required Text: Employment Law by Lori B., Rassas, IBSN 978-0-7355-8421-1 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Students should: Use critical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems, and make sound decisions; Use information technology skills in decision-making; Recognize ethical and legal responsibilities in organizations and society; Possess a broad understanding of both Texas and Federal employment laws. Demonstrate knowledge and understand regarding the impact of culture on employment issues; Understand that different groups may have different perspectives on the same employment event; Recognize their own and others’ biases and understand their impact; Effectively participate in diverse interactions. SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BRING INTO THIS COURSE: 1. The ability to reason and to recognize and comprehend ideas and issues. 2. The ability to read and write in English. 3. Basic computer skills, including electronic legal research. PREREQUISITES: Page 1 of 7
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Junior standing and good academic standing. COURSE POLICIES: A. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY: This course is organized into units of instruction, as outlined in the schedule of assignments. Instructional materials include assigned readings in the textbook, online research, and case briefs. The class will have lectures with extensive class discussion. Your participation is essential to make this a good learning experience. Your participation, or lack of it, may impact your grade. B. ATTENDANCE: Classroom performance depends on regular class attendance. Students absent one day or longer who wish to have their absence excused must provide written notice of such illness. If students are absent for more than three consecutive class days, they must submit a statement from a physician concerning the nature of the illness. C. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Assignments: Students must read and understand all the text chapters assigned. Examinations:
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Syllabus+UGEL+2012[1] - McCoy College of Business...

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