IST352 - Assignment 2 Gathering Business Requirements

IST352 - Assignment 2 Gathering Business Requirements -...

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IST352 Organizational Analysis of Information Systems Analysis Gathering Business Requirements Assignment 2 The Investigation Begins It is in the Analysis phase of the Systems Development Lifecycle where you will determine the majority of your systems requirements. If for whatever reasons you fail to get a sufficient number of requirements you run the risk of bring the entire systems initiative to an untimely close. As the systems analyst you are the lead investigator, a detective, seeking the truth. The quality of the systems solution will depend on the quality of the requirements you are able elicit from your constituents; primarily the users of the data and the processes. You’re Assignment (10 points) Attached are your notes from a recent interview with the Director of Operations. Your job is to analyze your notes then prepare a post interview report identifying the following deliverables: 1. Problem Statement – a summary paragraph that describes the main problems and issues with the current system/process (2) 2. List the business requirements (2) 3. List items that are not required; but might be considered nice to have (2) 4. List questions that did not help or were marginal with your requirements (2) 5. Develop a list of questions you should have asked (2) 6. List the four follow-up next steps you should take (4 points extra credit, one for each steps) Your interview notes You: Hi Gene, how about this year’s Orangemen? Are you planning to go to the big SU basketball this Saturday? Gene: I’m not much of a basketball fan, so I don’t think I will go.
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IST352 - Assignment 2 Gathering Business Requirements -...

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