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McCoy College of Business Administration TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-San Marcos Department of Marketing MKT 3370 Marketing Research Spring 2012 INSTRUCTOR: Taewon Suh TEL: 512-245-3239 (Voice) OFFICE: MCOY 416 OFF. HOURS: Tue/Thu 11:00 am – 1:30 pm, E-MAIL: [email protected] or by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION : The major underlying emphasis of this course is that of allowing students to develop their information researching skills and for problem solving and decision making purposes. This course is designed to introduce and familiarize students with the concepts and tools of marketing information research used by information providers (researchers) and information users (decision makers) in the transformation process of raw data structures into meaningful managerial information. Students will learn not only interpretative skills but also skills of assessing the value of marketing information. Students will be exposed to the problems encountered when conducting primary and secondary-oriented research studies as well as insights for resolving those problems. The course will feature interactive discussions of the assigned topics between the students and professor or in the teams. The students may learn and use the Internet technology for interaction. The course particularly features the Marketing Engineering module. The goal of this module is to train students to translate concepts into context-specific operational decisions and actions in developing a marketing plan using analytical, quantitative, and computer modeling techniques. We will utilize the Marketing Engineering software that links theory to practice and practice to theory. The software packages provide tools to help address multiple branding and marketing problems: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP), New Product Decisions, and Advertising and Communication Decisions. Essentially, this course tends to be a “do-it-yourself,” “understand-it-yourself” manual. This course can be a guide for students who are left largely to their own resources in carrying out their research projects. Also, the course will be empirical and pragmatic in nature, with considerable emphasis on the understanding and applying the concepts in the development and implementation of a marketing strategy. COURSE MATERIALS: Required Software The Marketing Engineering for Excel Software You can download it at (more details below) Textbook Exploring Marketing Research , 10 th Edition, by Zikmund and Babin, South-Western. Other required articles and lecture slides will be posted on TRACS. Page 1 of 8
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LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, students will be able to: Have a solid workable understanding and appreciation of the marketing information research process and the activities, skills and tools necessary to create and use information. Apply their skills and abilities of conducting and understanding secondary and primary
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McCoy+Syllabus+2012-1+MKT+3370+MR - McCoy College of...

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