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IST352 - Week 9 - Naming Conventions

IST352 - Week 9 - Naming Conventions - IST352 Analysis of...

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IST352 – Analysis of Organizational Systems Naming Conventions Database Naming Guidelines Data Modeling Why develop good names? One of the most important aspects to developing quality software and database objects is the use of good naming conventions. Most well run IT shops have learned the hard way that when you use “bad” names -- bad things happen. These bad things include software bugs, software development project cost and schedule overruns. Bad names also create confusion among users and IT professionals as to what the data or database objects really represent. Therefore, organizations have spent a great deal of time and effort creating naming conventions that work for their specific business needs. Some organizations go as far as hiring IT specialists called data analysts who are responsible for developing and enforcing the use of appropriate names. How do you create good names? There are five basic steps for developing good meaningful data and database object names 1. Business Terms - Use a word(s) that describes an organization’s process or term 2. Atomic Level - Create a name that can’t broken down any further 3. Programming Conventions – Use names that can be used by the popular programming languages 4. Understandability – Use a name that is appropriate in length … long enough but not too long, short enough but not too short 5.
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