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F11 Text Reading Assignments-1 - 7e TOC Chapter 1. AN...

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7e TOC Chapter 1. AN OVERVIEW OF MARKETING What Is Marketing? 3 Marketing Management Philosophies, 4 Production Orientation, 4 Sales Orientation, 4 Market Orientation, 5 Societal Marketing Orientation, 6 Differences between Sales and Market Orientations, 7 The Organization's Focus, 7 The Firm's Business, 11 Those to Whom the Product is Directed? 12 The Firm's Primary Goal, 13 Tools the Organization Uses to Achieve Its Goals, 14 A Word of Caution, 14 Why Study Marketing? 14 Marketing Plays an Important Role in Society, 15 Marketing Is Important to Business, 15 Marketing Offers Outstanding Career Opportunities, 15 Marketing Affects Your Life Every Day, 15 Chapter 2. STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, 34 The Nature of Strategic Planning, 35 What is a Marketing Plan?, 36 Writing the Marketing Plan, 37 Defining the Business Mission, 37 Conducting a Situation Analysis, 38 Setting Marketing Plan Objectives, 39 Competitive Advantage, 40 Cost Competitive Advantage, 40 Product/Service Differentiation Competitive Advantage, 41 Niche Competitive Advantage, 42 Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage, 42 Target Market Strategy, 46 The Marketing Mix, 47 Product Strategies, 47 Place (Distribution) Strategies, 48 Promotion Strategies, 48 Pricing Strategies, 48 Chapter 4. THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT, 102
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The External Marketing Environment, 103 Understanding the External Environment, 103 Environmental Management, 105 Social Factors, 105 American Values, 105 Personality Traits Vary by Region, 106 The Growth of Component Lifestyles, 106 The Changing Role of Families and Working Women, 107 There Is Never Enough Time, 107 Demographic Factors, 109 Population, 109 Tweens, 110 Teens, 110 Generation Y, 111 Generation X, 112 Baby Boomers—America's Mass Market, 113 Growing Ethnic Markets, 115 Economic Factors, 121 Consumers' Incomes, 121 Purchasing Power, 122 Inflation, 122 Recession, 123 Technological Factors, 124 Research, 125 Global Innovation, 125
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F11 Text Reading Assignments-1 - 7e TOC Chapter 1. AN...

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