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Unformatted text preview: Production and Operations Management MGT 4330 Spring 2012 Dr. Cecilia Temponi Guidelines for preparing the Group Folder Following are the minimum requirements for preparing the three-ring group folder. Any improvements will be well taken. Each group should maintain a 1" three ring folder for all assignments. Indicate the Section #, Group Number and names of all Group members in the front page of the three-ring folder. The same page should be inside the three-ring folder. A SAMPLE OF A THREE-RING FOLDER WILL BE BROUGHT TO CLASS AND IS AVAILABLE IN MY OFFICE. Include a Table of Contents. Clearly demarcate each section by separators/dividers, etc. Identify each section under each chapter. A sample of possible sections are: o Homework Problems o Discussion and Review Questions o Cases (when assigned) o Critical Thinking Exercises o Others You can print your material double sided; however, be sure you do one homework problem per page. Your work should be presented in a professional manner typed and adequately presented. Type the original questions, problems, etc. Label the Problems, Discussion Questions, Cases or any other assignment with the Chapter number. For Example: (i) Chapter 3 Problem 4 (ii) Chapter 3 Discussion Question 2, etc. You should do Cases by providing: (1) Title of the case, (2) Summary of the case, which is based on the facts provided in the case, and (3) Discussion of the questions write the questions first and then answer the questions by relating the answer to the class material. Include only chapters required each time we collect the folder. See class outline. Note: If folders do not adhere to these minimum requirements, folders will not be accepted for grading. C. Temponi Spring 2012 - Mgt 4330. ...
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