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Bonus+Paper+--+4335 - desirable Ethics program within the...

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MGT. 4335 -BONUS POINTS: 20 POINTS POSSIBLE Subject: Ethics in business today! Paper will be a minimum of five (5) pages of text in length; double-spaced in 10 or 12 font; with 1 inch margin. (This means that sections I and II must total five pages). Use a cover sheet with your name; title of the paper and date. The paper will be in three (3) sections. Each section will use the following headings. Section I: section one will begin on page one and will depict the results of your assessment of the Ethics in Business today. This section may contain your opinions as well as supported materials. Be certain to clearly differentiate your opinions as well as your research. Section II: section two will begin on the next new page and depict your recommendations for building a
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Unformatted text preview: desirable Ethics program within the Business environment. Section III: section three will begin on the next new page and will depict all citations, in accepted college format, used in the paper. A minimum of five citations, from five different publications is required. Any repeat publications will be ignored. (The articles must be from “ NAMED ” publications only – “NAMED ” publications examples are: Business Week; Psychology Today; Harvard Business Review – if in doubt about the publication, then ask before using). Articles may be downloaded from the WEB, so long as they qualify as stated above. NEWSPAPER AND/OR TEXTBOOK ARTICLES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. YOUR PAPER IS DUE NLT APRIL 24, 2012:...
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