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INDIVIDUAL PROJECT ANALYSIS: Each student will be assigned a company for analysis. Your task is to answer the following questions, using the format indicated below. Use the section headings, respond to the questions and submit on the due dates as shown on the ASSIGNMENTS page of the syllabus. a bibliography and appropriate citations should be included with each section. FOLLOW THE FORMAT, USE THE APPROPRIATE SECTION HEADINGS or penalties will be assessed. Analysis will be word-processed, double spaced and due at the beginning of class. Late papers will be assessed a penalty. SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION AND SHORT HISTORY: (10 pts.) Include strategies and tactics that this company employed to achieve success? (1 page max.) SECTION 2: STATEMENT OF THE MISSION: (30pts.) 1. Articulate the MISSION – Annotate as either Stated or Implied! 2. Analysis of the MISSION if it is stated; support if it is implied. 3. Statement of the OBJECTIVES , stated and/or implied. Clearly differentiate between the two and discuss how each supports the
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