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Written Format for Strategic Analysis . The following will serve as the guidelines for the written company analysis. 1. The report will be word processed, double-spaced for the body of the report and single-spaced for specific sections (i.e. bibliography, endnotes, and/or footnotes). 2. The writing should follow good business communication principles. 3. The written report should also be written from an analysis perspective and not simply a description of activities. You are not writing a 'theme'. 4. The following list shows the detailed format for the written case analysis. Deviations or changes to this format must be discussed with the professor prior to completion of the report. Cover sheet with company name, consultant's names, and date of presentation. Page ii Table of contents to include listing of charts, graphs, tables, figures, and supporting appendices. Please include appropriate page numbers for all table/appendix entries in the table of contents. Sect I Report Introduction to include: (Page 1) A. Brief introduction to company being researched with current structure/products produced/markets served ( make certain to support your actions :) B. Statement of the mission of the company researched and the evaluation of the organization mission statement. If no mission is found, please write an “Implied Mission” that you feel would be appropriate for the firm. (Justify the implied mission- clearly annotate the mission as implied or stated with a heading . Also use a heading for the “ mission analysis ”.) C. Statement of strategic objectives of the firm. If no formal objectives are found, please write an
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Format+-+Written-+Company+1 - Written Format for Strategic...

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