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Is Education the Same as Indoctrination (4-7)

Is Education the Same as Indoctrination (4-7) - 4 RELATED...

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4. RELATED CONCEPT a) Mind Control b) This is a good related concept because; people see both education and indoctrination as the same thing. However, when the term indoctrination is singled out, people often think of the words brainwashing, persuading, controlling, etc. One major approach taken is that indoctrination is simply defined as mind control. The concept of mind control is related to indoctrination in many ways. Therefore, if we can properly define what mind control consists of, then we may be able to better understand the actual definitions of education and indoctrination. c) Is education the same as mind control? d) 4.1 RELATED CONCEPT MODEL CASE a) David White was different from the typical 5 year old boy. He showed many signs of being antisocial. He never liked to leave the house and was always shy when it came to talking to other people. For that reason, David’s mother decided that she was going to teach him how to read. After learning this skill, he came to the realization that the more he read, the more he knew and he would never have to leave the house again or speak to anyone because everything he needed to know was inside one book or another. The years went by until it was time for David to attend high school. It was not easy for his parents to get him into a school because of his antisocial problems and because he did not previously go to elementary school before. He was finally accepted into a high school and his parents gave him no choice but to go. His first week was an interesting period for him. Whenever the teacher would teach the class something, David would never agree and claim that he read a book that said otherwise. b) This is a good example of a model case because, David was teaching himself a lot of useful information that was good to know. That is what education is. This is a type of mind control for David because none of the information that he got was based on his findings or opinions, it was just information that he read and believed to be true because he did not know from anything else. Therefore, it’s possible that David was educated but at the same time controlled.
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