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EXHIBIT 1 Kofenya Business Model and Business Processes Requirement 2 External Forces -Customers -Suppliers -Legal Rules/City Zoning -Population Fluctuation -Competitors -Local/National/Global Economy Resources, Suppliers, and Alliances -Bank -Employees -Local Stores -Local Musicians -Bakery -Donut Shop -Landlord -Sales Representative -Free Trade Coffee Cinci -Kidd Coffee Owners Business Processes -Financial Statement Reports -Product Analysis Reports -Gain Loyal Repeat Customer Base -Brand Development -Future Expansion and Growth Markets, Products and Services Markets: Coffee, Cold Drinks, Sandwiches, Soups, Live Entertainment and Music, Local Shop Atmosphere Customers: Miami Students and Local Oxford Residents Products & Services: Free Wireless Internet, Local Entertainment and Music, Poetry, Coffee, Espresso, Tea, Cold Drinks, Sandwiches, Soups Competitors -Starbucks -McDonalds -Patterson’s Café -Morning Sun Café -King Café -Bell Tower -Sandwich Shops -Uptown Restaurants
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EXHIBIT 2 Objectives, Strategies, Risks and Risk Responses For Kofenya Requirement 1 Requirement 3 Requirement 4 Strategies Strategic Risks Likely Risk Responses Continue to expand product and service offerings Develop effective alliance with a quality bakery in the area to offer better breakfast offerings Monitor the industry and offer new products before other cafés in the region Survey frequent patrons to learn about products or services that are in demand (e.g., additional sugar-free flavored syrups) Offer trial periods for new products to see if they are accepted by customers Alliance partners are unreliable or offer poor quality products New products or service offerings are not successful Inability to identify new products or services demanded by customers Failure to properly
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KofenyaCaseAnalysis - EXHIBIT 1 Kofenya Business Model and...

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