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Weekly Writing Assignment #3

Weekly Writing Assignment #3 - AMS 205 Section C Peggy...

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AMS 205 Section C Peggy Schaffer Weekly Writing Assignment #3 Cross Examination of Fanny Fern 1.) “Fanny Fern, please briefly explain the upbringing of your childhood?” Fanny Fern was born in Portland, Maine with the name Sarah Payson Willis in 1811. She rebelled at a young age against her father for his religious beliefs. Fanny Fern became close with her mother and developed her talents and pursued a higher education for women during the 19 th century at the Hartford Female Seminary. Later she went on to become a newspaper columnist and novelist. 2.) “Please describe how your female peers describe the term womanhood?” Barbara Welter wrote The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820-1860 , where she describes how each woman is judged according to four cardinal virtues: piety, purity, submissiveness, and domesticity. Piety refers to the devotion of fulfilling your religious obligations. Barbara Welter included in her writing, “woman never looks lovelier than in her reverence for religion’ and, conversely, ‘female irreligion is the most revolting feature in human character.” Purity can be explained as physical chastity or ritual cleanness. Welter stated “Purity, considered as a moral imperative, set up a dilemma which was hard to resolve. Woman must preserve her virtue until marriage and marriage was necessary for her happiness.
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