Essay comparing Frankling, Douglass, Fern

Essay comparing Frankling, Douglass, Fern - AMS 205 Section...

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AMS 205 Section C Peggy Shaffer Analytical Essay 10-7-11 The ideal of freedom has been defined and described in a variety of ways by different individuals. As an ideal, freedom stands as something to strive for, or a status to be obtained; to be free is to be able to make decisions independently, to live without restrictions, to enjoy actions unrestrained by others. Several people in American history have contributed their thoughts and feelings in regards to freedom and what it means to be free. Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, and Fanny Fern all have contributed their thoughts in order to help define and describe freedom as a concept. Through their writings freedom may be analyzed from an individual, community or a global level. Individuals have shown throughout American history that the core ideal of freedom is the desired development of individual choices to fulfill any existing potential. Benjamin Franklin was an enlightened thinker who was an American statesman and inventor living in the time of America’s Revolutionary War. He explained his thoughts on freedom in his book, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin . He was an individual motivated to learn, and he believed one should improve themselves through hard work and personal education. Franklin accomplished this for himself through initiative, determination to succeed in his profession as a printer, and leading in public service with ideas that improved the life of the average person living in the community of Philadelphia and the new republic. He encouraged people to develop themselves and to explore opportunities to grow personally (reading, writing, learning a skill), to grow as members of their community (assisting others in the community,
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participating as volunteers in various community institutions such as hospitals or fire departments), and to grow as a nation committed to the rights of the individual in a democracy over the rights of a monarchy to govern without the consent of the individual. “And now I set on foot my first project of a public nature, that for a subscription library… These libraries have improved the general conversation of the Americans, made common tradesman and farmers as intelligent as most gentlemen from other countries, and perhaps have contributed in some degree
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Essay comparing Frankling, Douglass, Fern - AMS 205 Section...

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