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FSW 261 Section B Diane Ruther-Vierling Family Ritual Assignment Due January 17, 2012 A ritual can be defined as an established procedure of religious or other rite. Growing up in Dublin, Ohio, my family attended Indian Run United Methodist Church every Sunday. My mother would wake me up on Sunday morning at 9am to shower and get properly dressed into a collared shirt with nice dress pants. At approximately 9:30am, my father would drive my mother, my sister, and I over to church to eat Sunday brunch. My family always sat with another friendly family that was affiliated with the church to discuss weekly events. At 10:15am every Sunday, after my family enjoyed our meal together, we each divided into our different study groups to attend Sunday school. My father and mother attended the same class with many of their close friends to discuss the Bible and other pieces of scripture. My sister attended her Sunday school class that was separate from my own, because she is three
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Unformatted text preview: years older than me. Although, when she was a senior in high school we attended the same Sunday school because I happened to be a freshman at the time. The older I become the fewer games I played in Sunday school and the more scripture I started to learn and study in class. After Sunday school class, my family would meet a few minutes before 11am and would walk in together to church to attend the 11am traditional service. At Indian Run United Methodist Church, the traditional service would last for about an hour until approximately noon. After each church service, my father would drive the four of us home and ask what we had learned from each segment while attending church. The car ride home was a way to reflect on the morning events and review important ideas to carry forward. Since I have been in college, every Sunday I’m home from school, we still attend church....
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