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Film Response - 8 Mile

Film Response - 8 Mile - GEO 101 Section E Dr Jacqueline...

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GEO 101 – Section E Dr. Jacqueline Housel Film Response 4/19/10 8 Mile is the Academy Award winning dramatic film directed by Curtis Hanson. As the director and producer, Curtis Hanson addresses the inner-city struggles of people who come from a less fortunate well-being in the United States. Hanson provides a film that shows how one may come from a lower class area with poor circumstances and works to provide responsibility to others in addition to following their individual dreams. He addresses the problem with the film focusing on the life of a young rapper, Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr., during the middle of the 1990’s in Detroit, Michigan. The main role of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. is played by famous American rapper Eminem, who works to gain the respect of the others around him including his family, friends, and peers. A setting can be explained as the surroundings or environment of a given place, as the film shows the separated upper-middle class suburbs and lower class city. The life of Jimmy Smith Jr. reveals 8 Mile Road in inner-city Detroit, which the filmed is named after the location. In a poor area growing up, Jimmy lives in a trailer-park and holds a job as a factory worker to provide for his mother, Stephanie, and his younger sister, Lily. While taking responsibility for his family, Jimmy starts to develop a relationship with a female named Alex, played by actress Brittany Murphy. She encourages his musical talents along with Jimmy’s friends. With the support of his friends, Jimmy goes on to battle a rap group in a local shelter after they have given him many troubles throughout the movie and calling themselves, “The Leaders of the Free World.” After his successful domination in the battle and recent strides towards his dream of a
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career in hip-hop, the film ends with Jimmy walking away down the street confident about his future.
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Film Response - 8 Mile - GEO 101 Section E Dr Jacqueline...

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