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vLeader Individual Essay - MGT 291 Section M Mr. Rocco...

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MGT 291 – Section M Mr. Rocco Manzo Virtual Leader Assignment Individual Reflection 4/15/11 From the time I was born, my parents instilled in me the importance of learning and that life is full of opportunities to learn from different experiences. The ability to apply our knowledge and learning experiences will affect how we deal with present and future scenarios. Our gained knowledge can come from positive and negative experiences over the course of our lifetime. Some people might say that the Virtual Leader program is too automated and doesn’t necessarily have a relevance to the real business world. A problem with the computer program is the scoring measuring system for each scenario. Some students might perceive the program in an incorrect manner just focusing on an individual score instead of learning from the program’s learning applications. The first thought I will address are some of the “going in” assumptions regarding leadership and organizational behavior that I had before I approached Virtual Leader and if the program scenarios caused me to reevaluate or change my thoughts. Second, I will share my attitudes, perceptions, and behavior changes across different scenarios and why the adjustments changed my results regarding my overall performance scores. Third, I will discuss some of my attitudes or assumptions about leadership and interpersonal interactions that made it difficult in order to achieve high scores on Virtual Leader. Learning from experiences regarding Virtual Leader will benefit me in the business world in the future.
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vLeader Individual Essay - MGT 291 Section M Mr. Rocco...

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