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vLeader Team Paper #1

vLeader Team Paper #1 - MGT 291 Section M Mr Rocco Manzo...

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MGT 291 - Section M Mr. Rocco Manzo vLeader Team Paper #1 3/14/11 Fielder’s Contingency Model is a situational model of leadership performance based on two interrelated factors. The model is described in our class book, Organizational Behavior: key concepts, skills & practices . The first factor explained is “the degree to which the situation gives the leader control and influence,” and the second factor is “the leader’s basic motivation.” Virtual Leader is heavily based on the balance between the power of a manager and their team members. Therefore, much of Fiedler’s Contingency Model can be applied to the situations in the simulation. In both Scenario 1 and 2, we can examine Fiedler’s model at play. In meeting one, there are only two players involved: one manager, and one team member. One might expect that this would mean it’s easy for the manager to exhibit power and control the conversation in the way they want it to go. However, the background situation created a few challenges. Since Cory is new to the company, he/she has some work to do on building leader- member relations. Since the team members do not know Cory well yet, they may be hesitant to give him/her respect as a manager. This can be seen through Oli’s behavior because he is slightly disrespectful by immediately asking to leave the meeting, getting out of his chair, and not giving Cory’s ideas much of a chance. As far as the task-structure dimension of the contingency model is concerned, there is a solid structure for who is responsible for completing tasks in scenario one. It is Oli’s job to provide Cory technical support for his computer and to order him business cards. However, without Rosa in this scenario, Cory cannot speak with her and cannot get her opinion on the priorities of the task at hand. Cory must trust Oli when he says Rosa will be angered if he does not focus on her tasks. Finally, the third dimension of situational
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control, position power, is not particularly seen in play in Virtual Leader.
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vLeader Team Paper #1 - MGT 291 Section M Mr Rocco Manzo...

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