Assignment #1 - MGT 291- Section M Mr. Rocco Manzo...

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MGT 291- Section M Mr. Rocco Manzo Assignment #1 1/26/2011 Freida Mae Jones Martin R. Moser, University of Lowell Freida Mae Jones was born on June 1, 1969, and was one of the ten children of George and Ella Jones. George and Ella moved their family into an apartment in New York City. As strict and conservative parents with a black family, they decided moving to the North from Georgia would provide their children with more opportunities and thought education would be the factor to determine the success for their children as they became older. Freida at Memorial High School was the top student in her class and was told by her counselor that she should try to consider pursuing a “‘practical’ field such as house-keeping, cooking, or sewing.” Her parents were upset at this and approached the school principal. Freida went on to enter Werbley College on a full scholarship, then later got a degree in history, while graduating with summa cum laude honors. She further her education at Columbia University with a Master’s degree in education. New York City’s financial problems made it so Freida was unable to gain a job in teaching. So Freida went to Churchill Business School in New York to pursue an MBA. After the completion of the MBA program, Freida accepted a job position with the Industrialist World Bank of Boston. After the completion of the Bank’s management development program, she was placed in the West Springfield branch office. Jones was started as an assistant manager for branch operations under her boss, Stan Lubuda. Freida Mae Jones and Stan Lubuda faced the specific problem of prejudice at work. So she decided to approach Lubuda about the issues of gender and race to explain how she is being treated at the bank. Freida tells Lubuda that she is upset with her current assignments and then
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compares herself to Paul Koehn. He is white male co-worker that is similar in age and qualifications.
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Assignment #1 - MGT 291- Section M Mr. Rocco Manzo...

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