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Scenario #1 Application - MGT 291 - Section M Professor...

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MGT 291 - Section M Professor Manzo Homework #4 - Scenario #1 Application 2/9/11 When I began my attempts to complete Virtual Scenario #1, I was focused only passing the ideas I needed to complete. I was only passing my ideas to get Nortic cards and to get my computer set up. Also, I knew Oli had more ideas for the meeting that I was unable to discover. My scores when I had this narrow approach resulted in poor total results around 75% to 80%. I had to improve my score by changing my technique in the way I approached Oli in the meeting. The process of social perception in Chapter 4 explains how people take attention to details and understand their surroundings. In Scenario #1, I play the role of a new employee and Oli is my subordinate. After a few attempts, I could tell Oli is nervous, unsettled, and there was high tension at the beginning of the meeting. Oli is constantly switching ideas during the meeting, including filing for Rosa, taking a coffee break, or looking for a new apartment. My suspected reaction of Oli is described in the book as a causal attribution, which are suspected or inferred causes of behavior.
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Scenario #1 Application - MGT 291 - Section M Professor...

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