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Lab 2 Sediment Write Up Report

Lab 2 Sediment Write Up Report - Drew Rasmussen Katri...

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Drew Rasmussen Katri Truhler Chemistry 111L – 015 23 September 2010 Lab 2: Aquatic Sediments: Write Up Report Discussions and Conclusions: The general pattern for percent organic and inorganic material and sample depth seemed to be as you got deeper in the soil, the Inorganic percentage increased and the organic percentage decreased. Organic percents were relatively high for the surface samples, but as we got deeper into the soil the organic amounts decreased considerably with a few ups and downs in our data in the middle samples. I believe that the reason organic percentage decreased as we took samples from deeper sections is due to the fact that as we got deeper with our corer there seemed to be a more abundant source of rocks and or minerals in the sample. This accounts for the inorganic percentage being higher the deeper we got. Organic percentage remained relatively high for the first few samples because there were things like plants, twigs, or pine needles on the surface that got collected in our sample.
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