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Atoms English Paper[1] - Rasmussen 1 Drew Rasmussen Rick...

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Rasmussen 1 Drew Rasmussen Rick Coonrod English 102 14 September 2010 Are Atoms Truly “Indivisible?” Look at your hand. Now look at the paper you are reading. These two things are so different. Your hand is composed of epithelial cells, where as the paper is composed of dead plant cells from a tree as well as a mixture of other things. Believe it or not though, both are made up the same thing. Both the paper and your hand are made up of atoms, as well as everything else that occupies space in this universe. Matter is anything that takes up space, guess what you are matter therefore you are composed of atoms. Even things such as the oxygen and nitrogen we breathe are composed of matter. While they may not have a finite volume they occupy space and are therefore composed of atoms. If atoms are the building blocks of the universe is it possible that they too are composed of smaller particles? Assuming you have this paper in your hands, I am going to hope that you have a basic understanding of what an Atom is, and the “basic” units that compose it. If not then let this educate you. Atoms are composed of 3 main components: protons, neutrons and electrons. The protons and neutrons in an atom are bound together in what we call a nucleus. Protons have a charge of 1 + and neutrons have a neutral charge (meaning zero). The third major part of the atom is the electron with a charge of 1 - . Now these little buggers are extremely small, and orbit the atom’s nucleus at a relatively far distance. To put this distance in perspective lets say you are on the 50 yard line of the BSU football field. This is where the nucleus would be, now run all the way up to the most outer part of the stadium. Clear at the top in the very last row is where
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Rasmussen 2 electrons would be. As you can see atoms are composed of mostly empty space. There is a very dense nucleus, a lot of open space, and a few tiny electrons orbiting the atom. Through the use of quantum mechanics, scientists were able to come to the conclusion that atoms
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Atoms English Paper[1] - Rasmussen 1 Drew Rasmussen Rick...

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