F2010 E102 Unit 2

F2010 E102 Unit 2 - Coonrod Engl 102 PoWeR Unit 2 Unit Two...

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Unformatted text preview: Coonrod, Engl 102 PoWeR Unit 2 Unit Two: The Researched Profile Paper Good writers are always thinking about context and audience: What am I writing about (Subject)? Who am I writing to (Audience)? What do I hope to accomplish (Purpose)? All questions you might consciously--or even subconsciously--address when you’re writing, not only in English class, but in the real world. The real world is a very real place with a set of very real people. We’re going to keep questioning down the path of research and writing in this Unit--you’re still going to be raising questions about things that are relevant to you--but we’re going to switch the context a bit. You’re going to be writing a researched profile about someone or something you have access to within our community (or that you can drive to). This can be a great unit to explore your major and shadow a member of the professional community you want to become a part of, but this profile doesn’t have to be about a person. Sure you can profile an oncology nurse or a performance artist, but why limit yourself? For this paper, you can profile a person, place, or event. Profile that writer you know or your grandmother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s; profile the poetry slam at the Lux or the Emmett Cherry Festival; or profile the subculture at the Flying M coffee house or your D&D club; the possibilities are wide open (except for, of course, the banned topics). You’ll spend time doing field work and observation, as well as some good old- fashioned book work. As usual, I want to stress that you pick something that’s relevant and interesting and compelling to you . This can be related to the work you’ve done in the first unit, or it can be something completely different. In this Unit you will literally find research that will provide the basis for an extended profile. In addition to class activities, in this unit we will do the following major writing assignments. Writing is a process, and these assignments are designed to help walk you through the steps that will culminate in the unit project. Annotated Source List: Due in class on Sept 24 th . This will be a list of twelve potential sources for your researched profile paper. This list can be looked at as a rough draft of your annotated bibliography for U106. Choose one to three of the questions you brainstormed in class and do some research. When you find something that you think will pay off, add it to your source list. Then, in a thick paragraph, tell me why you think it will be a good source for your paper. How does the research you found give you new insight into possible answers to your research question, and how will you use it in your paper? For each interest you choose to research, you must have a minimum of four sources on your list....
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F2010 E102 Unit 2 - Coonrod Engl 102 PoWeR Unit 2 Unit Two...

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